2-Day Advanced Coach Workshop

March 27 – 28, 2017 : Gestalt Institute of Cleveland | Experimenting with Experiments: A coach approach

Are you ready to move beyond sitting and just talking with your clients?

Do you want to hone your skills to experiment with your client in the moment?

What’s possible? As a coach, you can open up space for novel experiences that enable your clients to view themselves in the world differently. As you work with them in the here and now, you co-create creative experiences that support deep personal learning and highlight integrated and sustainable shifts in their experience and behavior.

Gestalt Experimenting is creative. With an experimental mindset, our bias is toward doing and generating new data, rather than rehashing a concretized narrative or talking about life experience abstractly. This allows the client to lead from their experience and enables the coachee and coach to spontaneously co-create a powerful experience in the moment to engage the client in active self-exploration.

This workshop. In this practice-rich two-day workshop, you’ll hone your skills of partnering with your client to design, grade and contract for Gestalt experiments. You’ll experience what’s possible as you witness, coach, and are coached using the soft structure of experimenting.

Come curious and ready to play a little, try out a little, and learn a lot! Learn more and register now!

This workshop is appropriate for experienced coaches, counselors and consultants who have a curiosity about how to take an experimental stance with their clients, and who want to hone their Gestalt experimenting skills. This workshop is especially relevant for graduates of the Gestalt Coach Certification program, ICF credentialed coaches.

12 ICF Core Competency CCE
2 ICF Resource Development CCE
14 GPCC(tm) CCE

Faculty: Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe, MS, MCC, GPCC™, Mary Ann Kraus, Psy.D., GPCC™