AAGT Conference

Sept 21-25, 2016: Taormina, Sicily| Saving the Family in the Family Business

Globally, family firms account for two-thirds of all businesses and create an estimated 70-90% of the world’s GDP. Within 5-7 years, some experts estimate that a staggering 55% of these firms will transition leadership ~ and over half of them will fail because owners are not prepared for the transition. Gestalt coaches and therapists are uniquely qualified to engage with business families and work through barriers to change, including desensitization to risk and feelings of isolation and shame about the business situation and family (including conflict, high incidence of substance abuse, and suicide.) In this experiential session, participants will integrate a dynamic family business model with Gestalt skills to explore working with this grossly under-served demographic to positively impact the business families in their communities.

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