Cirque du Sophia Forum

Mar 22-24, 2017: Rabun Gap, GA | Finding Your Signature Style for Women Who Lead

Cirque du Sophia – Charming Georgia: Finding Your Signature Style

Increase your productivity, profitability and personal impact!

Change the status quo: Move from autopilot to consciously create an environment that supports your success as a woman business leader.

The way to define success? Capitalize on your unique style of leadership as you achieve your business goals.

Powerful women bring unique attributes to their leadership roles. The purpose of this Cirque du Sophia forum is to facilitate the process of gaining clarity around the leader you wish to be, both inside and outside of the workplace. We will focus on the complex world of women as top leaders – including,

  • Creating a visual perspective of Who Are You, Really?
  • Articulating internal and external influencers using personal assessment
  • Envisioning the future and a perspective of one’s own Signature Leadership Style
  • Remaining in control in stressful situations
  • Balancing work, family, personal goals and building your professional legacy
  • Putting planning into practice

As you hone your strategic point of view and articulate your signature style, you will receive insightful and thought-provoking guidance and feedback ~ making sure you are accountable to your business goals and to yourself.

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Presenters: Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe, MS, MCC, GPCC™, and Lisë Stewart, GPCC™, PCC