Cirque du Sophia Forum

Oct 3-6, 2016: Loire Valley, France  | French Adventure

Cirque du Sophia – French Adventure: History, Culture, Legacy, and Life Cycle

Women Leaders, please join us as we use the magnificent backdrop of France’s Loire Valley to explore our own history, organizational culture, personal legacy and life cycle.

Each leader has her own lifecycle and each organization has a lifecycle. These cycles are influenced by our history, culture and desired legacy. We often move through these cycles unconsciously, missing opportunities to seek connections, influence our environment and create the type of organizations and family systems that we desire. During our time in France, we will use the rich history of the region, evolution of the culture and legacy of the architecture as a metaphor for our own exploration. Join us to explore the rhythms of our lives and our organizations, bringing awareness to our planning and actions. Meet with other women in an international forum, a fabulous venue and inspirational environment to create greater meaning and impact as you craft your personal and strategic vision for the future.

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Presenters: Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe, MS, MCC, GPCC™, and Lisë Stewart, GPCC™, PCC