Create Ripples for Women Who Lead

April 20-22, 2016: Pendle Hill Retreat Center, Wallingford, PA | Boldly Step Into Your Signature Leading Style

Create Ripples gives you the chance to attend to yourself in a supportive, creative and nudging environment, with processes that address all your senses, heart, and passion. Register Now!

Leading your life is an art, and you are its most important artist.
In our 2016 Create Ripples for women leaders, we invite you to discover, listen to, and deeply engage with the artistry that is you and your life ~ the artistry that Creates Ripples.

You get to show up and celebrate your unique style.
Your journey and leading style shows up in the colors and words and materials and shapes you create. Your approach to the artistry of being and leading shows up in the way you innovate with new processes and materials, the way you engage in your own creative process ~ and how you let go, experiment with, and celebrate your own creations.

And so, for our 2016 Create Ripples, we offer you an inspiring opportunity to access your own creativity as you focus on your own leading style and journey.

Facilitators: Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe and Christiane Frischmuth

$850 early registration price until March 19, 2016; $930 thereafter

Program brochure [PDF]