Earthing and Moccasin Making Workshop

Oct 29, 2016: South Bristol, NY | Make your own (Earthing) moccasins

Since humans first walked the Earth, we were effortlessly connected to the eternal, natural, gentle energy of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. For the last 70 years we have been insulated from it due to the rubber/plastic soles on our shoes. Are you interested to learn to tap into the fast-growing “Earthing” movement to re-connect to this energy field? Are you wondering “whatever shall I wear” when Earthing?

Join us on Saturday, October 29 (9am – 5pm, lunch included) to make your own (Earthing) moccasins and learn the theory, process and simplicity of using Earth’s energy to increase vibrancy and energy, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, enhance wellbeing, and much more.

In this interactive, fun and hands-on workshop, you will:

  • make a great pair of leather moccasins (beginners skill-level)
  • understand the simplicity and feel the impact of Earthing for yourself
  • use a digital mulitimeter to measure electrical current in ourselves and our surroundings
    join others in learning, playing and moccasin making

Cost: $125 per person, includes workshop, lunch, leather, pattern and all supplies for moccasins.

Location: Shimmering Light Farm & Renewal Center, South Bristol, NY. Advance registration by October 24.

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Note: you can decrease your cost by $25 if you bring your own leather. How could you bring your own leather, you ask? Scour second-hand shops. They often have mid-length leather skirts that have just the right amount of leather to use. You will need two squares of leather – about 24” by 24” (smaller, depending upon your foot size). (They often have other leather items, too…though mid-long skirts are the only item with enough leather for moccasins.)