Gestalt Coach Certification

March 14-18, 2017: Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Ohio | Week 3, Coaching With Differences, Diversity and Conflict

This is week three of a four-week immersion program. Visit the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland website to learn more and register now! The Gestalt approach offers a dynamic, holistic, and creative approach to coaching. It is the only program based on the Gestalt Coaching Stance competencies first introduced at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. The program is dedicated to increasing your awareness of your coaching presence and its impact while deepening your coaching knowledge and skills. Application of International Coach Federation (ICF) and Board Certified Coach (BCC) core competencies are an integral part of the program.

In this third week, we are practice intensive, bringing ourselves fully and honing our skills in ways that capitalize on what we’ve learned so far. We will be focusing on Coaching around differences, diversity, and conflict. We co-create a learning community to ensure you receive the individual support and learning tailored to your needs and development of your coaching skills. Our compelling and engaging faculty are invested in your success and are experts in facilitating learning and skill building. We emphasize active learning through experiential activities and practicums and encourage your growth through challenge and support.