Searching for Our Inner Sophia

November 5-8, 2017: Andalusia, Spain | Deep Exploration of Self, Service and Serenity

At Cirque du Sophia, sometimes we come ready to celebrate and play—for this Cirque come prepared to get in touch with your deeper inner motivators, mindful interaction with one another, and a sense of serenity and well-being.

A special Cirque. Cirque du Sophia is moving to the reflective side of our wellness and well-being. Our 3.5-day journey will take you deeper realms of your own self-exploration and personal discovery. This unique Cirque forum is focused on learning about and experiencing devoted self-care, understanding our deepest motivations for our lives and exploring the physical, emotional and spiritual barriers that may hinder our progress. Our time together will be reflective, thoughtful, purposeful and, at times, intense, as we delve into the various behaviors and practices that may not be serving us well, so that we can create new alternatives for our future.

Please join us. We will be spending our days in Southern Spain, at a stunning, serene, historic (built in 1584!) convent turned 5-star hotel. Our venue and workshop feature an environment perfectly suited for mindfulness, reflection, and attention to one another, and our own health and wellness. Please meander through the photos of the Hotel Convento La Magdalena in Southern Spain (

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