Autumn CAMP ~ for Women*

October 13-15, 2023
South Bristol, NY

Autumn CAMP for Women 2023* allows for expansiveness and spacious free-time to just BE, listen, feel and experience.

Winter Camp for Women was such a resounding success ~ we are creating a brand new experience for Autumn 2023 during peak Finger Lakes foliage season!

We are in a NEW LOCATION – Shimmering Light Farm & Renewal Center in South Bristol, NY!!

Growing up in a Western culture, many of us experience time as a set of linear boxes on a calendar…just get through the list of things to do in the too-short time available.

How many of us reminisce about long hours playing outdoors as a young child… or stepping into the sunshine with absolutely no agenda but to enjoy the day… or focusing wholeheartedly on a single creation for as long as needed…

  • Are you curious about how our ancestors experienced time before time was quantified as money?
  • Would you like to gain perspective and understanding of your own individual perception of time and how that may work against (and for!) you?
  • Is it time to shift your perspective and change your relationship with time ~ so that YOU are designing and living your best life?

Join us as we play with the cyclical rhythms of the spectacular Light on the Hill retreat land, the sun and moon, the day, the night and the resplendent autumn season to explore our own experience of time…how it serves us and how we might shift to serve us better.

How about taking a little time-out-of-time to slip into the timelessness of Autumn CAMP for Women* 2023. Together we will revel in our child-like curiosity as we explore and receive timely insights from:

  • An expedition to a waterfall with water that may be 4.3 billion years old yet revitalizes itself in new forms and patterns every single day
  • Creating ephemeral nature art with forest beings in various phases of their life cycle to understand and capture your own time-essence
  • Experiencing how beauty, awe and wonder shift our perception of time and open a liminal space of untold possibilities
  • Conjuring herbal alchemy with tree and plant beings who have offered their gifts through eons ~ and still offer their delicious, nutritious, life-giving elixirs for us to enjoy
  • Adorning ourselves with treasures received from the land, which have had lives of their own and may continue in new forms through our imaginative designs
  • Gathering in the abundant gifts of the autumn to hand-craft your own leather-treasure-pocket to carry your intentions for how you can experience Time moving forward
  • Circling around a fire in sisterhood as women have done for millennia…sharing, listening, growing, supporting, being supported.


October 13, 4pm through October 15, 2023, after lunch


The stunning Shimmering Light Farm & Renewal Center in South Bristol, NY (an easy drive from Rochester and Syracuse airports). Simple accommodations in a beautiful setting.

Your Camp Counselors:

Deb Denome is Forest Therapy Guide, Horticultural Therapist, Herbalist and Educator with over 25 years of experience guiding people into deeper relationship with the Earth, one another and our own true nature. Her greatest joy is in as helping individuals to create more joyful, conscious and regenerative lives, rippling out to their communities and our precious planet.

Melissa Kelly-McCabe is a strategist, MCC and GPCC™ credentialed executive coach with over 25 years of experience. She assists leaders to develop clarity of strategy, create positive and lasting change and realize their vision. She coaches women looking to design their next era and live their most fulfilled life.


The total all-inclusive price includes all Autumn CAMP ~ for Women* sessions, two nights of
lodging, and all of your meals, snacks, supplies! $540

Our goal is to make Autumn CAMP available to as many people as possible! Everyone deserves an opportunity for this kind of sisterhood and renewal.

Are you in a position to donate a full additional scholarship for someone in financial need? Or even round up to add to our scholarship fund?

To Register:

  1. Tell us you’re coming: Email Deb ([email protected]) or Melissa ([email protected])
  2. Send payment:
    • a. Send your check made out to Clear Intent Strategy, Inc. Put Autumn CAMP in the memo field. Include your name and text number/email so we can be in touch. Send your check to: Shimmering Light Farm, 6143 Hicks Road, Naples, NY 14512.
    • OR Venmo @Melissa-Kelly-McCabe (as FRIEND). Put Autumn CAMP in the memo field. Include your name and text number/email so we can be in touch.
    • OR If you (or your company) need/s to be invoiced, email Melissa ([email protected]).
  3. We will confirm. You will receive email confirmation upon receipt of payment, and a Welcome Packet as we get closer to Autumn CAMP ~ for Women*.
  4. If you must cancel: Thank you for understanding that if you must cancel, we will refund your Autumn CAMP fee minus a $25 administrative fee. Your all-inclusive lodging/accommodation is, regrettably, non-refundable.

A Bit More about CAMP:

Why do we need Autumn CAMP ~ for Women*? Because FUN feels good and because science clearly demonstrates that a relaxed and playful mind is a creative mind and that engaging in playful activities makes us more productive and motivated. We need creativity and truly fresh innovation to address the challenges of our sometimes-crazy world and lives. Plus, (as if you needed a logical reason) according to the Harvard Business Review, innovation is the #1 quality that employers seek most. Precisely because old ways of doing things are clearly not going to keep working in our new world.

Will you reward yourself, even bring a friend (!) and join us for Autumn CAMP ~ for Women*?

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*Our usage of the word woman refers to every human who holds this particular gender identity, regardless of the sex they were assigned at birth.

Creativity is intelligence having FUN.”

Albert Einstein

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.

Mary Lou Cook

“The soul should always stand ajar. Ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”

Emily Dickinson

“A relaxed mind is a creative mind.”

Yogi Bhajan

“The urge to transform one’s appearance, to dance outdoors, and embrace perfect strangers is not easy to suppress.”

Barbara Ehrenreich

We do hope you’ll join us!