We work with you to create clarity and design a process that will get you where you want to go. We harness the ideas, possibilities and challenges you bring into the room. Your team is fully engaged through focused, high-energy working sessions. Everyone is involved, active, and critical to the effort of generating positive outcomes. Most importantly, we help you keep the energy, drive and outcomes alive way beyond the time we spend together.

Think strategically.
Strategic thinking and planning can be difficult, but we’ve made it doable, actionable, and truly productive. At Clear Intent, we know that strategic thinking can be accomplished in a manner that’s not onerous, tedious, or deadly boring. Our process delivers clarity of vision and purpose, and confidence in knowing that every day builds to where you want to go.

Host critical conversations.
Sometimes you need to have difficult, sensitive and potentially emotional conversations. Clear Intent specializes in facilitating in this environment to ensure that potentially show-stopping conversations go forward smoothly and attain the outcomes you seek. Our facilitation expertise is grounded in organizational psychological theory and delivered with practicality and inclusiveness.

Be emergent.
Big meetings are expensive and need to pack a ton of work into a short time. How often do you find yourself wondering, did we accomplish anything? The time you spend together should propel the organization forward beyond the good vibes from a few days offsite.

Melissa Kelly-McCabe presenting workshop – clip is just over 8 minutes: