3-Day Advanced Coach Workshop

Nov 13-15, 2016: Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Ohio | Coaching with Physical Process 2.0

Explore Character Structures in Coaching

Our coaching work with clients becomes more powerful when we attend to our own embodiment and that of our clients. If you’ve attended the Gestalt Coaching Certification Program, or are a coach with Coaching with Physical Process 1.0, and want to take your coaching skills to a deeper level – this workshop is for you!

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“The character of the individual as it is manifested in his typical pattern of behaviour is also portrayed on the somatic level by the form and movement of the body”. ~ A.Lowen

In this highly experiential workshop, for three full days, you will explore coaching through the lens of Character Structure, including:

  • Noticing patterns for using one’s own physical process while coaching
  • Experimenting with five Character Structures as a lens to perceive a client’s embodied expression
  • Expanding the client’s awareness and choices for action
  • Understanding ethical standards and contracting guidelines for coaching with physical process

21 ICF Core Competency and GPCC ™ CCEUs

Faculty: Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe, MS, MCC, GPCC™, Ann Attayek Carr, MS, MCC, GPCC™